• serverStatusTextX20

Top Adena Top Adena Bag Top Enchanted Epic Owners Epic Bosses Normal Bosses
Picture Name Killed
Ember01/01/1970 02:00:00
Anays01/01/1970 02:00:00
Anakim Nemesis Zakaron01/01/1970 02:00:00
Antharas Priest Cloe18/01/2021 21:01:57
Beast Lord Behemoth01/01/1970 02:00:00
Flame Of Splendor Barakiel18/01/2021 23:37:32
Bloody Empress Decarbia19/01/2021 03:36:58
Vermilion Blood Tree01/01/1970 02:00:00
Cherub Galaxia01/01/1970 02:00:00
Plague Golem01/01/1970 02:00:00
Shilen Messenger Cabrio19/01/2021 04:21:03
Doom Blade Tanatos19/01/2021 01:21:35
Fafurions Herald Lokness01/01/1970 02:00:00
Flamestone Giant01/01/1970 02:00:00
Hestia Guardian Deity Of The Hot Springs19/01/2021 02:07:23
Longhorn Golkonda01/01/1970 02:00:00
Gordon01/01/1970 02:00:00
Death Lord Hallate01/01/1970 02:00:00
Immortal Savior Mardil01/01/1970 02:00:00
Death Lord Ipos19/01/2021 03:31:17
Kernon01/01/1970 02:00:00
Ketra Chief Brakki18/01/2021 22:19:59
Ketra Commander Tayr18/01/2021 16:04:25
Ketra Hero Hekaton18/01/2021 14:46:25
Korim01/01/1970 02:00:00
Krokian Padisha Sobekk01/01/1970 02:00:00
Last Lesser Giant Glaki19/01/2021 04:11:49
Last Lesser Giant Olkuth19/01/2021 03:47:06
Lilith01/01/1970 02:00:00
Meanas Anor01/01/1970 02:00:00
Ocean Flame Ashakiel01/01/1970 02:00:00
Palibati Queen Themis01/01/1970 02:00:00
Eilhalder Von Hellmann01/01/1970 02:00:00
Roaring Skylancer01/01/1970 02:00:00
Sailren01/01/1970 02:00:00
Death Lord Shax18/01/2021 21:44:52
Fire Of Wrath Shuriel01/01/1970 02:00:00
Queen Shyeed01/01/1970 02:00:00
Storm Winged Naga19/01/2021 01:51:26
Andreas Van Halter01/01/1970 02:00:00
Uruka01/01/1970 02:00:00
Vanor Chief Kandra18/01/2021 22:37:08
Varka Chief Horus18/01/2021 20:30:37
Varka Commander Mos18/01/2021 20:42:45
Varka Hero Shadith18/01/2021 17:55:52
Water Dragon Seer Sheshark01/01/1970 02:00:00

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