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Started: 29 March 2024

Reminder: The beta server will be online until March 28, 2024!

Welcome to L2TheGame Interlude!

 Our server offers a mid rate x15, providing an authentic L2 experience reminiscent of the game's legendary days. Join us and reminisce about the golden days of the past.


Reasons to Choose L2TheGame

  • L2PTS platform
  • Fair Play
  • Static Epics
  • Game Protection
  • Long Term
Castle Siege 300Euro

Castle Siege: Real Money Reward for

 the 1st Aden Castle, €300


Many players adore the Interlude client, making it the perfect choice for all nostalgic players.


Our server guarantees the best gameplay experience!

  • L2TheGame

    A standout game offering a distinctive and original gameplay experience unlike any other!

  • Raid Bosses

    Epic raid bosses follow static spawn times, allowing all clans to prepare their teams for major battles!

  • Rewards

    P.C.R.E (Preregister Clan Reward Event) Level 6 clan + 10K Reputation Points.

    Discord Invite Event: The top 20 invites will receive rewards.

    Stream Rewards ( contact us )

    Castle Siege: Real Money Reward for the 1st Aden Castle, €300

  • Change Class

    Class 1 and 2 profession without the quest, can be purchased for Adena.

    1 profession: 100.000 Adena

    2 profession: 1.000.000 Adena

    3 profession: 700 Halisha Mark


  • Join discord

    Come and join our Discord channel! It's the perfect spot to chat with fellow community members, receive support, and even have the chance to win rewards.

    To join, just click here. See you there!!